Richard D'Anjolell -      

I have recorded and performed with some great producers, bands, and musicians over the years. Tirelessly toured the US  as a rock star and eventually retired  to Wilmington, NC to help create WE Festival. My music has been used in movies, educational programs, background music in retail stores, and even as a morning radio show theme song. 

 In the late 1980's my work with the Philadelphia based jangle rock group The Benson's was heard on radio stations in the greater Philadelphia tri-state area. Material from my work with The New Tenants and Down To One was featured on compilations and album cuts with world wide releases which paved the way for future success. The early 1990's found me playing rock star with Adam Lasus producing and playing bass on the track, "Human Condition".  The music video for the song included cutting edge animation for the time. Al Hahn, Sean Nichols, and I started the power punk pop outfit, Almighty ShuHorN.  The group had several releases that garnered substantial radio airplay and eventually wound up on MTV's 120 minutes.  I am a BMI songwriter and was featured in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Austin. I have co-written many songs with some great songwriters I have met through these events over the years. Some things do get better with age and the most recent disc, NC 28465, finds me at my best. Now I need to release something new. What do you want to hear?

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